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With this platform it’s possible to save $ 1,496.28 (RS 1,00,000 annually) on supermarket, grocery, fuel and doctor bills with a few techniques. Our members can get profit share of worldwide sale and bonus when they shop online at our Loyalty shop. Loyalty Club rewards online and offline stores and businesses are available to shop at several countries!

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Dedicated to helping you save and make money whilst you shop, Loyalty Club is the greatest place to find the latest and most competitive cash back offers and voucher codes from top brands and retailers. Whether you have a specific product in mind or you know the brand you want to go for, use our retailer search to find the perfect cash back offer or discount voucher code.

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We share the Profit of Worldwide sale with our members. We check member contribution every month.

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  • All Members with updated Profile and photo
  • Member should follow the site in an App and read regular updates.

Member Evaluation System (Any two)

  • How many time member Login to his account in a month?
  • How many time he Liked, Comment and Share the Article in a Month?
  • Monthly shopping at Loyalty Shop

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