Bounty program

Time for a worldwide scale bounty program for Loyalty Club.

Concept to Shop anywhere, anything and anytime and Loyalty Club to take advantage of offers and cashback in 150 Countries. Members complete the task and get paid. You can choose from and enjoy, the array of exclusive offers on  website. Take advantage of seasonal offers, promotions and much more.  Reliable  time to contribute into well-established Bounty program for $10M+ transaction volume in 2017 Loyalty Club. All loyalty club members are eligible to get share of profit of worldwide sale once bounty program closed.

 Minimum Contribution  $1           1 Coin = $0.0153905

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 Benefit of Loyalty Club reach here

Bounty ProgramBounty or bounties may refer to: Bounty (reward), an amount of money or other reward offered by an organization for a specific task done with a person or thing.

Loyalty Token  offers Advertising and task system where you can select your task like online shopping, Education, Travel in 150 countries. Complete the task and get paid. Task solutions which making the financial lives of our customers easier and comfortable. Loyalty token to get share of profit worldwide sale every month.

Loyalty token has a clear vision of its future and sets the goals that can be achieved.



13/05/2016 : Launch of Paazy Business. Official launch of Paazy business under India license.Registered under the services of Advertisement, Employment, E-Commerce and hosting.

10/2016 : Launch of E-commerce site A simple E-Commerce site to sell our product and services.

12/2016 :  Trademark registration. Paazy™ Business becomes registered trademark.
 03/2017 : Upgrade of E-Commerce site Paazy as My Shop. Now shopper’s can sell their product and services.
08/2017 : Paypal and Payumoney updated to our project.
10/2017 : Started working on Project Shop For World ( Already World Top Merchants has approved and joined the hands with us as trade partner. Special offers has been designed for our users to save more money on their shopping.

Paazy Loyalty Coin for Today and Tomorrow

Paazy™ Business is already known as a successful Advertising institution.  Paazy™ Business has started offering wide range of task like Shopping in 150 countries and started paying for the task to thousands of customers worldwide. Please visit as Shop for World. ( Still in developing mode.)

We see the prospects of our development in loyalty Program, therefore, we are holding an Bounty Program till  March 2018.  No need to wait till start. Complete the task and get paid every month.

Paazy Loyalty Club Bounty Overview

The Bounty campaign is a specific PR action which helps the project be promoted by its participants and supporters. We welcome everyone to make a contribution to the project development by joining our program. You are able to make this at any time, however the sooner you do it, the more bonuses you will receive after our bounty program ends.

Completing different tasks allows you to receive the stakes, which will be distributed in the following bounty program categories: Facebook, Twitter, Bitcointalk signature campaign, writing the articles/creating the videos, and supporting the project’s official BTT thread.

Please contact bounty team at If you have a bright idea how to make Loyalty club more popular and attract audience for participation. We appreciate any creative marketing ideas, rewards will be set individually for each participant depending on the value of performed activities and uniqueness of ideas for promoting Paazy Business.

A reward fund volume for bounty campaign members. Paazy allocates 3% of tokens sold for the bounty pool. Now complete the task and get paid. 


We plan on holding another Bounty Offering period in the future once we have completed the first few stages of our platform Growth & Road Map. We will have a better idea of what further bounties are going to be required for the continued growth of the ecosystem once we have accomplished a certain level of growth. Here we outline what we want to accomplish in the future.

  • Build a distributed asset exchange
  • Connect traditional financial providers
  • Totally decentralize the infrastructure
  • Cross Blockchain interoperability
  • Build tokens on all blockchains
  • Be available in tons of countries
  • Be available in multiple currencies
  • Be available in many languages

What do we offer our Contributor?

 All bounty contributor are eligible for online training and Free Advertising Pack. For every contributor shall get special pack for his or business advertising.  Once paid fix an appointment……and receive a special gift of Advertising to promote your business in your Email ID.

Join our Community

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We register and teach online to become Task Manager.

First part: Understanding the business of leverage or residual income. And compare regular income and Residual income.
Second Part: In this event schedule we shall teach you about merchants and their offers, discount and Task income.
Third Part: How to save more money with Paazy Loyalty Club. The opportunity to trade Loyalty tokens on the market right after the end of our bounty program and receive a share of the yearly profit of a well-established operating business! And complete the task and get paid every month. Have you ever seen such a proposal from a company? 

Symbol :  LC
Token price 1: $0.0153905USD
Total supply : 1,000,000,000 tokens
Presale launch: March 30, 2019


launch:  March 31, 2019 12:00 (UTC+3)

Just enter the amount you want to contribute and checkout. Love the sign.

Profit Share

30% of company profit is distributed to token holders. Each holder receives profit share in proportion to the number of tokens received. Payment shall be made as per Indian Government.

What is a LC token?

It’s a digital asset, for better accountancy system. Loyalty token you can hold and shop. You can hold your token on the account and simply receive a profit share every year. When Paazy Business profits rise, your Loyalty tokens do the same, because revenue share payments rise and other traders will want to buy it. And moreover rates increase of your token.

 Tokens distribution Structure

3% : Bounty 

87% :  sale

5% as Referral Income.

To participants who have purchased or received tokens are eligible for 5% income on their referral sale. And all referral income will be paid to your Wallet.



Join our Community

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Loyalty program provides you the life time income opportunity. Work without boundaries.

We are looking for serious people, who love to work and have loyalty for the life. Whatever your contribution it will treated as learning and advertising fee. After the deduction of processing or payment gateway fee, rest remaining amount will converted to Loyalty coins. Once received start shopping with loyalty coin and enjoy the the array of exclusive offers on Loyalty Club. All loyalty coins are locked till April 2018. Only Merchants account can receive payment. Once you have contributed, you shall receive an email with your login detail.

Use Platform for:

Build Your Profile
Make friends
Create or join the merchant Group
Avail special offer from Merchants
Pay/transfer Loyalty Coins to Merchant
Join the Forums

Benefit of Loyalty Coins

Loyalty coins have fixed price to manage it.
You can shop and get paid through loyalty coins.
Easy to pay and manage.
After the completion of Bounty program you can request to transfer number of coins to your wallet.
Every manager has referral account to promote and get more loyalty coins.
After reaches to certain level of Loyalty coins you are eligible to get share of profit of worldwide sale.
Transfer your loyalty coins to store wallets. Store Wallet are good option to purchase anything from the store.
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