How it Works?

Loyalty Club is a Advertising Platform with second income opportunity. So get paid to promote your product and services. To start Second Income you need the pack of Social Advertising.

FREE Registration with PAL APP

Step 1. FREE Advertising : PAL APP can take up nearly zero space on your phone. Register on PAL APP to create profile, have private conversations, make social connections, create and interact in groups up-to 100000 members, and much more. To know more click here.
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Download the Pal App FREE to promote your business and make social connections . Retain and find new customers FREE. Start your Channel in your brand name and subscribe to your client and customers. Once your client or customer downloaded the PAL APP. Find your @channel name in search and join them. Now your every offer or news is ready to reach to your subscribers. Download Now
Reach : Your subscriber and Group member
 Step 2. Social Advertising : Loyalty Club helps you build any kind of community with member profiles, add friends, activity streams, user groups,messaging, and more at Loyalty Club website here.
Reach : Website Traffic and Pal App news subscriber
Buy Now : Yearly  Semi Annually Quarterly Monthly
Second Income Opportunity : Activity and Cashback program(Life time Referral Income)
Step 3. Contributor Advertising : Tell us something more about your business by becoming Contributor. Contributor can write Post or Article. You can post about your business like products and services, offer and deals. Moreover you can sell your product and services with your own Paypalbutton.
Reach : Pal News Subscriber, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumbler,
Pinterest and Followers of Loyalty Club

To become Contributor click here
Second Income Opportunity : Activity, Cashback program(Life time Referral Income) and Share of Profit worldwide sale.
Step 4. Loyalty Program : Market your brand better and boost your revenues by creating a tailored loyalty program that will drive repeat purchases and engage customers.
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Second Income Opportunity

Loyalty Club membership pays you Coins (Points) for your activities. All user can Save on shopping by getting latest deals,coupons and cashback from our worldwide merchants.  Get paid for following Activities.

1 Coin =$1

  • Coins for Daily Visit
  • Coins for Publishing Content
  • Coins for Comments
  • Coins for clicking on links
  • Loyalty Club Membership
  • Subscription

Let’s work together…

Loyalty Club Membership

Upgrade your membership by Registering your business or yourself for yearly or monthly membership here. Once paid, you shall get an email related to your login and password to Loyalty Club. Login and Update your profile and start updating your activity news like sharing photos, thoughts,  tour and trip, offer, deals and discount coupon to attract new client or friends. Add new friends or followers to your business. You can also send or receive message from our members. Update your Profile and status everyday. Member can reach your profile and get connected to your business for future sale. Your all business offer and activity reaches to our all PAL news subscribers. Moreover we shall be updating offer to generate more cashback coins.

Boost your Sale and increase Cash flow in your business.

Start accepting Loyalty coins in your business. Boost your sale with Loyalty Club members. Not only, Loyalty Club help you thrive and grow, it’s FREE to join, and the ongoing cost is as little as just 5% processing charges and minimum 10 coins to reach money in your bank account or PayPal. And that’s for GUARANTEED orders. Boost your sale with Loyalty Club to find your customer or clients. You pay nothing unless we’re generating orders for you, so there’s zero risk! There’s also no ongoing obligation, no contracts, and no “gotcha!” fine print. We get you orders or you pay nothing. It’s truly that simple. Join up today to enjoy a great range of discounts and special offers, including: Register your business and update your profile. Invite your clients or customer to Loyalty Club Shoppers earn credit with every shopping to spend on their favorite shop. Easy to receive money in your Loyalty Club cash back wallet. You just need Loyalty Club registered email id to receive money in your wallet.

Cashback Account FREE

Every Member Can Earn Free Traffic & Every Member Can Earn Money with our system! You will earn from your activities without any referrals; but, with referrals, you will, of course, earn more! Open Cashback account and start getting Cashback  life time whenever your refer shop to Loyalty Shop. Get Your FREE Loyalty Shop website to promote. Any time 24 X 7 you can check your sales or income. Check how many time your website seen or visited.

Get Share of Profit Worldwide Sale

Profit Share: We share profit of worldwide sale with our Contributors quarterly. Minimum 1 Coin required for profit sharing. 

Become Contributor

Contributor generate more coins by Publishing content. Tell us something more about your business by becoming Contributor. Contributor can write Post or Article. You can post about your business, likes, offer and deals. Every time your post reach to our members as well as subscriber and social site followers of FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKED IN, PINTEREST, TUMBLER, PAL APP NEWS subscriber and Followers of Loyalty Club. You get real traffic for your business website. Moreover you can get leads for your business. It also help you in brand awareness through Search Engine Optimization by Posting at Loyalty Club.

Sell your services and products to our User. It is easy to sell, you can use PayPal button to sell your services and product. 

Business loyalty program

CUSTOMER REWARDS for your Business

Market your brand better and boost your revenues by creating a tailored loyalty program that will drive repeat purchases and engage customers.

  • All-in-One Loyalty Product Suite
  • Flexible Campaigns and Programs
  • Loyalty Program Analysis and Outreach

There’s no hardware to buy, no software to install, and no change to your normal checkout process required. In other words, it’s 100% hassle-free! Even better, it’s one of the most inexpensive ways EVER to attract new customers and keep your current customers coming back again and again! Drive more internet traffic and add a new sales channel for your business.

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