Labor Day Saving at Oxygen plus

Oxygen Plus – the leaders in portable, recreational oxygen – worldwide.

Oxygen Plus products are sleeker, more compact, lighter weight, push-button easy to use. O+’s flagship product – The Elevate Pack, featuring the O-Stick and refills – is so simple to use and replace it’s like changing batteries on a flashlight.

Offering a variety of unique Oxygen Plus canned oxygen canisters for your active lifestyle, Oxygen Plus is proud to offer healthy-minded individuals the best canister technology and value – in size and breaths – than any other oxygen product on the market.

Oxygen Plus, Inc. meets and exceeds the strictest product development and manufacturing standards to ensure you have a safe, functional product in hand while you’re on the go. Oxygen Plus canisters are tested and manufactured in North America, and are engineered, filled, quality-controlled in the U.S.A.

These commitments, supported by a fun, creative, energetic, brand-loving team, are what continue to set O+ apart from the competition. One of the first recreational oxygen companies to evolve, Oxygen Plus proudly remains the market leader of portable, recreational oxygen products worldwide.