Save and Earn in Dollars (USD)

With this platform it’s possible to save $ 1,496.28 on supermarket, grocery, fuel and doctor bills with a few techniques. Our members can get profit share of worldwide sale and bonus when they shop online at our Loyalty shop. Loyalty Club rewards to shop at several countries!

What Loyalty Club Cashback Program can do?

So Intuitive, So easy! We go beyond by just redeeming rewards everywhere.

Digital Exchange : Exchange your cashback for other digital assets.

Payment Gateway : Use your cashback to pay for everything you want and need at Loyalty Stores.

Peer to Peer transfer : Send and receive rewards to everyone else with Loyalty coins.

Opportunity : 👉👉We’re a brilliant new concept in the Home Based Business💙💚 where you make money every time one of OUR products sells anywhere in the world through your cashback website🌎 🙂 Turn buying, marketing and/or selling into long-term passive income! It’s the smartest way to be a consumer AND build your financial future at the same time. Not MLM!🙌

Loyalty Income

Five type of Income

Loyalty Income: Start generating your FREE PROFILE AND DIRECTORY LISTING ON Loyalty Club
Optimize your exposure with a feature-rich and highly personalized profile and listing on Loyalty Club  directory. Just spread the word about your Profile page or any loyalty club page and start getting paid when somebody shop.

First Income : Once you have registered, you are now eligible to start Loyalty Program for your services or products. If you don’t have any product or services, just sell our services as your product. You can get all details of our services at Loyalty Shop. And its easy to get paid by members (Cash back Loyalty Coins or Points) at your registered email of Loyalty Club. So its easy to find customer or clients for your business at Loyalty Club. And you get paid by selling your services and products as your first income.

Second Income : Spread the word about your Profile at Loyalty club in social media. Every time member reaches and shop at Loyalty Club you shall generate the income. So your second income generate direct income every month from Loyalty Club shop. Moreover it is life time income opportunity.

Third Income : Third income reaches as Share of profit of worldwide sale after three-month. Example you or member(invited by you) shop at loyalty Club shop on January. You shall get paid share of profit worldwide sale (included Loyalty Merchants shopping) on May.

Note : Once you have been active as Contributor, you can start selling online Loyalty Merchants offers in India, US, UK, Australia and Canada. It’s easy, by just sharing Loyalty Club merchants web address. It’s help you to generate more income by getting paid as share of Profit of worldwide sale.

Fourth Income : Bonus : As you know on every shopping you generate the points system as your Cash back. Same points calculated as Loyalty Coins here. Bonus declared Quarterly. And you get paid on your cash back Loyalty coins.

Fifth Income : Rewards : You generate the rewards prizes as per achievements. Like every month there shall be campaign to hits the target.

To generate regular income you need to active every month. Either you shop, sell or earn. We share the profit of worldwide sale with you.

How it Work?

Once registration completed, just inspire your friends, client or customer to Join Loyalty Club. And start getting paid when they shop at Loyalty Shop and merchants. It is life time income opportunity.

Step 1. You need to open an account for Cashback Program and need to pay $20 Annually. With this you can generated life time income opportunity. Means when your refer buy a product from Loyalty Shop, you generate 20% of the product value as your income.

What is Life time income opportunity?

Your refer or member they become your customer for life!* Loyalty Club takes care of all order processing, product shipments, and customer service at no cost to you, and automatically pays you your Direct Commissions. When you share the product to your social media group like Facebook, Whats app, Twitter, LinkedIn. Your all refer does not buy the product on same day,  but after few days or month, they might be interested to join or buy the products here, you still eligible for commission.

  • Get Your FREE Loyalty Club website to promote.
  • Any time 24 X 7 you can check your sales or income.
  • Check how many time your website seen or visited.
  • Anytime you can check your Impression, Visitors, Closed transaction and Revenue in your control panel.

Reach to Creative section and get your website link. And post at Facebook, Whats app, anywhere. Whenever anybody reach through your link at Loyalty Shop and shop. You generate the Income. So every time shopper shop and you generate the income for life time.

Note: Once paid you shall receive an email to register and create cashback office.

Step 2. Upgrade yourself for Contributor in $11.73 per month. Contributor can write two Press Note per month related to your business. Moreover you can also promote any business. Contributor can also publish Videos without ads. With our platform your article reaches search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo and your business get more traffic and leads. Your press note shall be published to all our subscriber on Loyalty Club and social media like Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and Path.

And with addition to above benefits (business tools ) you can get share of profit worldwide sale. Your income increases because shopping can’t stopped.  We share the Profit of Worldwide sale with our active members. So, we check member contribution every month.

Now Loyalty Club accept WordPress Global community members be our part of family. WordPress powers 30% of internet and it is easy to use. All WordPress global community members can login here.

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